If we aren’t being taught how to grow our own food,

how to take care of ourselves and our families and how to live without the need for huge governments, banks and corporations – as our ancestors once did – then we aren’t being educated; we’re being indoc-trinated to be dependent and subservient to the system.”

Gavin Nascimento

“For this reason the enlightened person

should endeavor only for the minimum necessities of life while in the world of names. He should be intelligently fixed and never endeavor for unwanted things, being competent to perceive practically that all such endeavors are merely hard labor for nothing.”

Vyasadeva, Srimad Bhagavatam 2.2.3

Hi, I’m Bharat - and welcome to the School Of Simple Living!

If you aspire a simple living high thinking lifestyle and you have a passion to live simple, but you lack likeminded company or don’t know exactly where to start, you are at the right place!
And you are absolutely welcome!

I share from what I learned on our journey from dropping a 6 figure job and being entangled in the tight net of modern amenities in the city, to moving out to the land and living from it.

Once I escaped to an island, overendeavoured to transport lots of unneccessary stuff with me and as I didn’t know about the actual desires that my wife had during this journey I came back to modern civilization humbled and much lighter. 
Now I only possess what fits in our van. I only got one car insurance. I hardly get 20 letters per year – spam included! We have got no rush in the morning to drive our kids anywhere, as we just homeschool. According to our own rhythm.

Now, I know how tough it is in the beginning, when you ask yourself what others will think and if it’s not outright crazy to drop a paying job, to risk living a different Life.

Many stumble stones, obstacles and loopholes can be avoided or dealt with in some way or another, if you are just aware and prepared.

I endeavor to provide free resources, tips and techniques to help you with simplifying externally and thinking high internally.

I help you to enroll in the School Of Simple Living successfully so that you can leave your clutter and unwanted things back in your old world. Checkout the Facebook Group for mutual support and motivation => https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSchoolOfSimpleLiving

And hey -it doesn’t matter if you are planning to move to the countryside or growing your own food, because you can live simple wherever you are at right now.
Eating healthy or even growing Food can be done on little space in cities. Principles of living Resourceful, Minimalism, Simplifying stuff and Prepping for Self-Sufficiency can be applied anywhere.

That being said: if you want to drop out fully, grow your own food and trust nature’s medicine, by living on a Homestead in and trusting Nature & God, that provides the ideal environment for a simplified life with meaning!

I have a dream to help thousands and thousads of people to actually move to the countryside and start a simple life, to save time for Self-Realization.

This is my life’s work, it’s the mission I’m dedicated to, and I’m here to serve you in every possible way.

I’m just a normal guy without millions of Ad-Budget or a huge team.
When you are here to associate with me and others, this is very meaningful for me. Because we can be the difference for someone in their life script.

Just imagine – one household, one homestead, one garden at a time, we gain back the power from the corporations. And use it for something that matters.

For those of you who don’t know me – my name is Bharat. I’ve spent almost 20 years in Fortune 100 companies in project management. Till 6 years ago, when my familie’s journey from the golden cage, or you can say golden hamster wheel in Germany, was heading towards a tropical island and living totally off grid. We travelled via lengthy stop-over adventures in India, and Iran to USA where we were growing our own grains and baking bread and also drilling wells by hand.

I had around 8 years to plan for making a smooth and gradual transition. But how much time is left now, to make a transition before the 2nd or even 3rd Lockdown?

Now is the time to take up a simple living high thinking lifestyle as though your life depends on it – because it may does…

A first peaceful declaration of war against a superficial and unnatural style living is to join likeminded souls in our Facebook Group School Of Simple Living. I knooow, some of us will not be in Facebook, like I was not on Facebook till 2019. My congratulation! Just drop your Email and if you are interested in a specific topic.

Also, I want to mention, there are heaps of Facebook groups out there and I want to state from the outset – this isn’t just a group – it’s a tribe, a community, a way of living, a school of simple living. This is a School for people who are passionate about becoming more independent by simplifying and at the same time to not neglect and waste the mindset, but to use it in the service of a bigger mission. We support one another on our journey.

We deeply care about gaining back mother earth from the hand of the ruling elite – one garden at a time. That being said, we seek to live beyond the Likes, the Comments and the Shares.

We are building something profound and powerful here.

Now you’ve heard all about me and I’d love to hear all about you. I would love for you to jump into the group with a post or Facebook live and tell us who you are, where you are from and let us know what you are planning.

I can’t wait to be with you and serve you in your vision to start Simple Living. Speak to you soon…

TEDx: What this is about in 17minutes. And what Simple Living has to do with 'Bullshit'

Hear about my journey and realizations from leaving the Hamsterwheel of living in a western country and earning 6-figures,
towards living in a cottage on a tropical island and a Tiny Home on wheels in USA, growing food and milking cows.

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